Monday, January 17, 2022

About Us

Viva South Texas is your one-stop location for everything in South Texas that has to do with commerce, ranching, tourism, news, cultural interests, hobbies, festivals and documentaries. We recognize that the geographic al region commonly referred to “South Texas” has a deeply-rich history with diverse cultures, peoples and issues that are under-represented in mainstream media. With our team of journalists, anthropologists and film and digital media experts, we hope to begin a serious dialogue about the issues and concerns of a forgotten people, but also celebrate the contributions, festivities and cuisines the region is known so well for. Our Web site depends on feedback and information from every member of the community pillstock &. What we produce is a storybook of daily life in these dusty roads of South Texas. Come join us in the celebration! is a product of White Coyote Productions, a company specializing in news, short films, documentaries, tourism, advertising and marketing campaigns.

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