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Brownsville airport is first to launch mobile Web site

Browsville South Padre Island International Aiprot is first to launch mobile Web site

Michael Jones, Brownsville South Padre International Airport | Jul 03, 2012

Brownsville South Padre International Airport

Airline passenger service just took a huge leap into the future as the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport launched the area’s first airport mobile Web site.  “We are proud to celebrate another technology first at BRO”, said the City of Brownsville’s Aviation Director Larry A. Brown.  Brownsville was the first airport in Texas or Mexico to offer passengers instant flights alerts on their web site in 2005.

The mobile site is the same address as the Airport’s home page, but it is delivered in easy to navigate mobile format.  Simply point your smart phone at the QR code, or use your smart phone and type in the address.  “We have developed the technology so you are automatically directed to the mobi-site whether you are using an i-Phone, Blackberry or Android product” said Enrique Garza, CEO of BibiSi Corporation, the technology firm that created BRO’s mobile web site. “You can purchase tickets, reserve hotels or rental cars, find a map to the airport, check the status of your flight or request an instant flight alert” added Garza.

Aviation Director Brown cited the airport’s long record of firsts, “Besides being the first airport in South Texas in 1929 and first to offer 24/7 U.S. Customs and Immigration service and the first international flights to Mexico the same year, during World War Two the secret war time tests of the first jet engine were conducted here.  We were, first to have all jet passenger service, first to offer the $1.50 Airport Shuttle to South Padre Island, and now we are first again with a mobile web site.  Brown added proudly, “And we are the only airport of 5 area airports to have non-stop flights to Monterrey, Mexico.”

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