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South Texas Students Participate in Debate Conference

National Hispanic Institute and Texas A&M International University in Laredo, Texas Celebrate Leadership Development

Julio Cotto, National Hispanic Institute | Jun 26, 2012

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National Hispanic Institute and Texas A&M International University in Laredo Celebrate Leadership Development

LAREDO, Texas--Nearly 65 youth will attend a debate conference that will concentrate on postmodernism and its impact on Latino culture and values. The Texas Star Great Debate, of the National Hispanic Institute (NHI) in Maxwell, Texas, will include students from Houston, Corpus Christi, McAllen, Mission, Brownsville, and Eagle Pass, Texas.  

President and founder, Ernesto Nieto says, “As an organization involved in thought leadership development, the Great Debate provides families with an excellent means of advancing the intellectual formation of their children.”

The Texas Star Great Debate begins Sunday afternoon, June 24 in Laredo, Texas, with a welcome by Texas A&M International University officials.  The students will be drafted onto teams Monday and will prepare for their first debate rounds, which begin early Wednesday morning, with “Sweet Sixteen” announcements reserved for the evening.  Final rounds begin Thursday, followed by the announcement of the winning team and finalists who automatically advance to the tenth annual Celebración in San Antonio.  Over 1,000 high school students from across the nation and several Latin American countries are invited from October 25-28.

The Texas Star Great Debate is one of several national and international youth initiatives sponsored by the NHI.  Every year, the organization reaches across the nation and several Latin American countries to identity high school youth with leadership potential and strong academics. Participants develop skills and competencies at each grade level.  Nearly 3,000 youth are in attendance.  Consistent with previous NHI trends in college enrollment, in 2011 a class of 1,008 graduating high school seniors enrolled in college at 99.3%.    Other participating colleges that join NHI include: Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas; Austin College, Sherman, Texas; University of Houston; Adams State College, Alamosa, Colorado; Villanova University in Pennsylvania; Wheelock College, Boston; Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois; University of Rochester in New York, and the Cuidad del Saber, Panama City, Panama.   More information about the NHI is available at www.nhi-net.org.
Ernesto Nieto, a Houston native who attended Southwestern University, where he serves today as a trustee, founded the NHI in 1979. His driving vision was establishing an organization primarily supported by the Latino community and dedicated to training future community leaders.  Over 85% of the funding that underwrites the work comes from participating families and previous participants.

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