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Courtesy of Webb County Heritage Foundation

'Pureza de Sangre' exhibit starts today in Laredo

Webb Country Heritage Foundation | Aug 17, 2012

Stories of secret Jews fleeing Spain in Mexico have been well documented and now history reveals truth behind the myth. The Webb County Heritage Foundation showcases an exhibit of the Crypto-Jewish society with archivist Richard G. Santos today in Laredo.

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Akira Asakura/Flickr

Smart water meteres take root in Texas cities

John Wayne Ferguson, The Texas Tribune | Aug 06, 2012

More accurate electric water meters offer higher efficiency for customers and water resources.

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Border Beer Fest

Oktoberfest 2012 announced in Laredo

White Coyote Productions | Aug 06, 2012

German-themed festival will be first of its kind in Laredo.

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Detention Center Seen as Model for Reform

Julian Aguilar, The Texas Tribune | Jul 28, 2012

A new planed juvenile detention center offers hope for South Texas troubled youth.

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U.S. Dept. of Energy

Texas' petrochemical boom fuels hopes and concerns

Kate Galbraith, The Texas Tribune | Jul 17, 2012

South Texas has benefited greatly from the number of jobs and economic boost the petrochemical industry has supplied the area with recently. But concerns are now being voiced about the damage this technology can do to the environment, especially during a prolonged drought across the state.

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